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Top Tips For Virtual Meetings

It's astonishing to think that just a year ago, the majority of us were completely unfamiliar with platforms such as Zoom, Teams, or GotoMeeting. However, now we find ourselves utilising this software on a daily basis to connect with our colleagues virtually. It's almost as if we've never even set foot in a traditional office environment.

If you're someone who enjoys getting a glimpse into other people's lives, then these virtual meetings provide a fascinating window into the homes and lifestyles of your coworkers. You might have been surprised to see that the CEO's kitchen is a bit worn out, while your colleague's dining room could easily grace the pages of a home decor magazine. And things can get quite personal if your coworkers decide to video call you from their bedroom!

For many of us, the challenge lies in not having a dedicated office space, forcing us to hastily set up our laptops in a corner of a room. This leaves us feeling exposed during virtual meetings. However, a loft conversion offers the perfect solution by providing a quiet and secluded place at the top of the house, away from any distractions. It's crucial to separate work from home space, and going upstairs to another floor achieves exactly that - both mentally and physically.

No matter where your virtual meetings are happening, here are Econoloft's expert tips to help you create a Zoom room that truly shines.


For optimal lighting during your virtual meetings, position yourself facing a window to take advantage of natural light. However, on dull days, be mindful of avoiding overhead lights or lights positioned behind you, as they can create unflattering shadows on your face. Instead, aim for lighting on both sides of your camera, as well as a lamp positioned off-camera behind you. This setup will ensure that you are well-lit and seen in the best possible light by your colleagues.


If you're considering using a fake background on your virtual meetings, be aware that they can be distracting and may give the impression that you don't belong in the picture. To ensure your background looks just right, try setting up your phone camera or asking someone else in your household to sit in your spot and see things from the perspective of your caller. This will help you find the best background that fits seamlessly into your virtual meeting setup.

If your room is cluttered with various knick-knacks, it's a good idea to remove them before your virtual meetings. Additionally, take a moment to consider any family photographs that may be visible during the call. If you prefer to keep them private, it's best to move them to a different location. Similarly, scan the room for anything else that could potentially be embarrassing, such as a hastily discarded bra on a chair or a poster or canvas with a rude slogan. Creating a clean and professional backdrop will ensure that your virtual meetings are distraction-free and maintain a polished image.

Instead, what your virtual meeting background should reflect is your personal style and sophistication. Consider showcasing a bookshelf filled with literary classics, a vase of fresh flowers or potted plants, or unique pieces of artwork that highlight your impeccable taste. These elements will not only enhance your virtual space but also leave a lasting impression on your colleagues.

Accidental Guests

If you don't live alone, there's always a chance that a family member or beloved pet may accidentally wander into the frame during your virtual meetings. That's why having a separate home office is such a valuable idea. Even seasoned professionals have experienced unexpected guests appearing during their TV interviews, ranging from adorable dogs and cats to curious toddlers. While it can sometimes be endearing, it can also give off an unprofessional impression, especially if it happens frequently.

Having a loft conversion home office can greatly reduce the likelihood of interruptions during your virtual meetings. However, in the meantime, it may be necessary to place a notice on your office door when you are "on air" to avoid any unexpected guests.

When you need a specialist loft conversion company anywhere in the UK, call us on 0800 269765, 01942 722754 (Head Office), or 0208 7771719 (London Office).


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