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"Our Muswell Hill loft conversion has provided our son with the best room in the house."

Having lived in their Edwardian terraced house for over 20 years John Fynaut and his wife decided the time was right to expand their home in Muswell Hill.  The couple have three grown up children and although the property had four bedrooms, the smallest room was about 8 ft. x 8ft and was s-year-too small.

John said: “Our teenage son Kieran was sick of trying to sleep, relax and study in this tiny room and as our two daughters are still living at home there was no other way to give him more space without expanding. The only way was up.”

Split level loft conversion looks amazing.

The property is built on a slope with the front higher than the back and various rooms in the house are on different levels - the loft conversion was no exception.

“We decided to take advantage of the slope in the loft by building a split-level space,” said John.

The top level has enough space for a double bed and features a Velux window and then a short staircase leads into a study come sitting room area where natural light floods in through two sash windows which are in keeping with the rest of the house.

The conversion also features an ensuite shower room and a nifty storage area with clothes rails and shelves.

“The back of the house looks down Muswell Hill and offers a fabulous view, “said John, “and the room enjoys some lovely morning sunshine.”

Econoloft loft conversion has paid for itself.

The actual loft conversion cost around £34,000 and fixtures, fittings and furniture brought the project in at around £40,000 which John believes will add more value to the property in this hugely desirable area of London.

“We intend to remain here for some considerable time,” adds John.  “The loft conversion means that five adults sharing one space no longer feel like we are living on top of each other and we are delighted with the overall result.

“Kieran is particularly pleased as he has moved from having one of the worst rooms in the house to having one of the best - but having had the short straw for so long; he thoroughly deserves this lovely space.”

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