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Our Econoloft loft conversion means we can stay in our family home in Sydenham

When you need more space at home but really like where you live, it’s time to think about how you can make the most of your existing property.


Catherine Haggo, her partner Ash and their two young children have lived in their current home in Sydenham for twelve years.  The house, like many built in the 1930s, was comprised of three bedrooms, but the third room was a small box room. Their youngest son had the smallest room and it was becoming obvious that it was simply not big enough for a growing boy and all his paraphernalia.


“It was too expensive to consider moving to a 4-bedroomed property in our area,” said Catherine, “and we just didn’t want all the hassle associated with moving house.”


Sydenham has some great schools and parks and the high street boasts numerous independent shops.  It is also very well connected to central London by the train network which makes it a good location for families and people who have to commute to London.


Econoloft were recommended by a neighbour

“Many people in our area have had loft conversions and so we knew that this was the best option for our property type when it came to getting more space,” said Catherine.  ‘We searched the Internet for a suitable builder and we were not really sure who to go with.  However, a neighbour had used Econoloft and they were really pleased with them and so that swung the decision for us.”


The family opted to have a dormer loft conversion which is comprised of a master bedroom and ensuite and this extra space has meant the whole family now has the space they need to grow.  Catherine and Ash have moved into the loft conversion, their daughter has their old bedroom and their son has moved into his sister’s bigger bedroom.


‘The loft conversion process was easier than we thought,’ said Catherine.  ‘The tradesmen were really good and having an Econoloft loft conversion was the best way for us to expand our family home giving us many more years living where we love.”

When you need a specialist loft conversion company anywhere in the UK, call us on 0800 269765, 01942 722754 (Head Office), or 0208 7771719 (London Office).



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