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Our daughter loves the loft conversion so much – we hardly see her


Karen and John Russell and their children Ellie (16) and Olivia (12) have lived in their Victorian terraced house in Sydenham for over a decade.  Their home had four bedrooms but two of them were quite small and with two teenage girls and their friends visiting regularly – the Russell’s knew they needed additional space.


“Moving was not really an option,” said Karen.  “It was not only expensive but felt far too much like hard work.  We like living here and with our youngest daughter is in senior school and we didn’t want to move and disrupt her education.


“Our neighbours had a loft conversion with Econoloft, and we had seen the space they had and so that helped us decide to transform our loft too.”


The family had a few quotes but Econoloft’s highly competitive price, together with the positive reviews from their neighbours, made the decision to have the work carried out with Econoloft an easy decision.


 “We were a little apprehensive at having major building work carried out but it was a remarkably smooth process,” said Karen.  “Most of the time the builders were on the roof and we hardly noticed them.  When they did come into the house, they were very clean and tidy, and we were really happy with the whole team.”


The loft conversion has made the whole house feel bigger.

Econoloft developed a bedroom and a separate bathroom in the loft because Karen and John like their master bedroom they decided to say put.  Olivia has moved into the new space. 


Karen said: “Olivia has had the smallest room for quite some time, andso it was nice to be able to upgrade her. The only thing is, she loves it so much that she never comes down – and now we hardly see her!”


What was Olivia’s bedroom has now become a guest room for the frequent overnight visitors that come to stay - and the smallest bedroom is now a study.


“Having the extra floor has made the whole house feel much bigger,” added Karen.  “We still find it incredible that we had so much space in the loft that was just being used for storage – what a waste. We recently had a few tradesmen in to do some other work around the house and even they commented on the great job that Econoloft had done.  It was nice to have their work validated by other professionals.”


The Russell family intend to stay in their spacious family home for many years and thanks to the loft conversion, they now have the space they need to allow them to do just that.

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