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Dormer loft conversion in Harpenden has added value

Kim and James Dey had already extended their semi-detached property in Harpenden but decided that their house felt a little imbalanced – the upstairs with its three bedrooms seemed much smaller than their extended downstairs.


“The imbalance became more obvious when our two sons Sam and Edward started growing up, one of them had the small box room and there was not enough space for them, their friends and all their paraphernalia,” said Kim.


Econoloft were happy to go the extra mile


When it came to finding the right company for the job, Econoloft was high on the list as according to Kim, practically every house on the road had an Econoloft conversion!  They invited Econoloft and a couple of other builders to talk about what they could do and to give a quote.


“Our neighbours’ loft conversions are tiled but I wanted ours rendered as I think it looks a lot more modern,” explained Kim.  “However, some of the other companies were clearly not interested in going that extra mile, but Econoloft were more than happy to work to the spec we wanted.  The other companies also didn’t give us a final price which was not helpful in terms of our financial planning – but again Econoloft did give us the end price and we thought it was very reasonable and so we selected them to do the work for us.”


The property already has stairs leading to a very low pitched loft conversion, which didn’t meet building regulations and so was not really suitable for use and so Econoloft had to more or less start from scratch which included ripping out the old staircase and installing a new one.


The Econoloft dormer loft conversion has added value


The family have added a large dormer conversion with ensuite which has now become a new master bedroom for Kim and James.  The boys have remained in their own bedrooms for now and the former master bedroom is being used a games room and spare room for overnight guests. 


“Thanks to Econoloft the whole process was really easy and we were surprised at how little stress there was,” said Kim.  “I absolutely love our loft conversion. It has now balanced the house out as well as providing flexible space as our boys grow and family dynamics change.  But I also love how it looks externally too.  I know I am biased but I think ours is the best looking one on our street and the render makes it look really modern.”


The family believe their loft conversion has added value to their home which is in a popular residential area.  “We now have a lovely spacious family home that provides all the room we need and the money spent on the loft conversion was well worth the investment.”

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