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Create the Perfect Shelf Display

Our top tips for the perfect shelf display 

Are you ready to join the #shelfie trend? Many of us have shelving units at home, but the challenge lies in choosing what to display on them. Are your shelves cluttered or carefully curated? Let us share some expert tips to help you create stunning shelf displays in any room of your home. Whether or not you decide to #shelfie them is entirely up to you. We all have a collection of bits and pieces, ornaments, books, and curiosities, but when it comes to arranging them on a shelf, it can be overwhelming. Our advice is to start by laying everything out on the floor and then consider what pairs well with each other. You can group items by color schemes, themes, or size. However, keep in mind that there are a few golden rules to follow.

It’s odd not even when it comes to interior design

Interior designers universally agree that objects have a stronger impact when displayed alone, especially if they are large pieces, or in groups of three or five. While it may be tempting to pair up items, it is actually more visually appealing to think in irregular numbers, as it helps to break up the space and create a more dynamic display.

Use books imaginatively

When it comes to stacking books, it's important to be thoughtful unless you're aiming for a dedicated bookshelf. Placing a few books horizontally instead of vertically can add an intriguing touch and create a platform for showcasing smaller, cherished items.

Size is important 

If you happen to have a single, impressive item (as shown in this snapshot of a client's bedroom), let it steal the limelight and resist the urge to clutter its magnificence with miscellaneous odds and ends. The key to creating the most captivating shelf displays lies in achieving a harmonious balance, whether you opt for a solitary, oversized object or a cluster of smaller ones. For the latter, consider grouping them in sets of three or five, but be sure to incorporate diverse shapes within the ensemble to add an extra layer of intrigue.

Zig Zag 

One clever trick to style your shelves is to create a zig zag pattern. In other words, once you have determined which objects complement each other, avoid placing them directly next to, above, or below each other. Instead, arrange them in a zig zag pattern on each shelf. This technique will bring a delightful balance and an abundance of visual interest to your shelf displays.

Feel free to showcase your stunning shelf displays and share your shelfies with us on Instagram. We would love to see how you've creatively styled your shelves!

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