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Beckenham parents love their grown up space

Many terraced and semi detached homes in the UK are comprised of three bedrooms, but often the third bedroom is a small box room – not ideal if you have more than one child.

Like many Econoloft customers, the O’Connell family were finding that with two young children, Niall (5) and Kian (3), life could sometimes feel a little cramped in their mid terraced Beckenham home.

“Our property already had a spiral staircase leading into an unofficial loft space,” explained Derek O’Connell. “As the boys were getting older we needed more space to accommodate them and the numerous friends we have staying with us. It made sense to make our loft room fully compliant to add more space and to add value should we ever re-sell.”

Econoloft removed the spiral staircase to replace it with a proper staircase which lead into a dormer loft conversion which has been transformed into a master bedroom and ensuite. Derek and his wife Rakhee have moved up into the new room while Niall has taken their old room and Kian has moved into Niall’s former room – and so having a loft conversion has provided all the family with a generous sized bedroom.

Derek said: “We have been really pleased with Econoloft and the way in which the project was managed. The job was completed on time and the team were really friendly and did a fantastic job. We believe the £35,000 loft conversion has at the very least paid for itself and will have added value to our home.”

Properties in this much sought after area in Kent remain very keen and according to Right Move are at least 12% up on the previous year. Derek believes that if they had moved within the area to a four-bedroom home, it could have cost them an additional £100,000.

“Although the loft conversion is an investment for the future, we don’t have any immediate plans to move,’ he said. “The conversion has provided us with a family house and we love our very grown up and separate bedroom space and the boys have plenty of space for them now and as they get older. We even have enough space now to expand the family!”

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