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Are Velux Loft Conversions the Right Choice for Your Home?

If your attic has plenty of headroom and enough space to function as you want it to, a Velux conversion could be the ideal solution. Also called rooflight conversions, Velux loft conversions require minimal construction work, enabling you to gain valuable extra living space in a simple and affordable way. Their straightforward yet stylish design makes Velux conversions ideal for houses throughout London.A Velux loft conversion retains the original shape of the roof. The only work visible from the outside is the addition of new Velux roof windows. These let in lots of natural light, creating a bright, welcoming room with beautiful views of the sky and across rooftops.

Velux Windows

At Econoloft, we only install Velux windows. This is because they offer superior quality, innovative features and styles to suit every home.Options include:

  • Top-hung roof windows

  • Centre-pivot roof windows

  • Electric roof windows

  • Solar-powered roof windows

  • Balcony windows which turn from a roof window to balcony in seconds

  • Burglary-resistant roof windows

  • Windows with smoke and comfort ventilation

  • Windows with super sound insulation

  • Passive House roof windows

  • Conservation roof windows with a traditional appearance

Our clients in London can also choose from a range of glazing options for Velux loft conversions. Velux have glazing designed for improved comfort, wellbeing, heat protection and security, to name a few.Glazing features include:

  • Rain noise reduction

  • Safety lamination

  • Toughened glass

  • UV filter

  • Easy-to-clean

  • Anti-dew

Key Considerations

If you are looking to improve your home with minimal stress, a Velux conversion could be perfect. Because we are not changing the roof (other than adding windows), there are no complex structural alterations. When it comes to attic conversions, these are what take the most time and money, so you are saving both.Furthermore, this makes Velux loft conversions quicker to complete – they can be completed in 4 weeks or less, but this depends on the specifics of your project. This means you will not have to put up with builders in your home for very long, or other disruptions such as temporary loss of electricity. In addition, your London conversion is highly likely to fall within permitted development, which can help work get started sooner. However, there are also many more reasons to build a loft conversion.


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