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5 Steps To The Ultimate Guest Room

Create the ultimate guest experience with our guide to designing a warm and inviting guest room. As the school summer holidays approach, families will be traveling across the country to visit loved ones. Whether you're hosting guests this summer or any time of the year, it's important to make them feel truly welcomed when they step into your guest room.

  1. Tip number one: put yourself in their shoes. Take a critical look at your guest room and consider how you can enhance its appearance without breaking the bank. Cleanliness is paramount, so ensure the room is fresh and tidy. Adding a plant or a vase of fresh flowers can add a nice touch.

  2. Attention to detail is key. Although the guest room may not be used year-round, don't be afraid to invest in soft furnishings. Clean and fresh bedding is a must, and a few complementary throws or cushions can make a significant difference. Consider adding a bedside lamp and providing storage options for your guests, such as drawers and spare hangers.

  3. Think like a hotelier. Your guests may have forgotten some basic toiletries, so why not provide them with travel-sized soaps, shampoos, conditioners, and body wash? Leaving spotless fresh towels and a kettle with tea, coffee, and biscuits can also be a thoughtful gesture. Don't forget to display your Wi-Fi password prominently.

  4. Practicality is essential. Ensure your guest room has a mirror next to a plug socket, so your guests have a dedicated space for drying their hair or doing their makeup. Providing a hairdryer can also be a nice touch. Consider the season and provide amenities accordingly, such as an electric fan for hot weather or extra blankets for the winter months.

  5. To truly become the ultimate host, you need to have the space to offer guests their own room. With an Econoloft loft conversion, you can create a luxurious master bedroom ensuite that provides a versatile space for both your personal use and for visiting family and friends. In fact, you could even take it a step further and transform it into a profitable venture by renting it out as an Airbnb and earning extra income. With a loft conversion, not only do you gain additional space for your current lifestyle, but you also enhance the value of your property for the future.

Dan Simson, Head of Direct Line Home Insurance, recently stated that renovating your home can be a smart financial investment, adding value to your property. A loft conversion not only provides additional space for your current lifestyle but also increases your property's value for the future.

When you need a specialist loft conversion company anywhere in the UK, call us on 0800 269765, 01942 722754 (Head Office), or 0208 7771719 (London Office).


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