The staircase is an essential aspect of loft conversions and while there are regulations surrounding loft extension staircases, you do have a few options. When planning a conversion, homeowners often forget about the staircase, but it is important to think about the design and placement during the early planning stages. With many years of experience designing and building attic conversions, our loft conversion specialists ensure every customer in Wembley and the UK gets the ideal solution. From traditional stairs to space saving staircases, we help you explore your options and as a fully compliant loft conversion company, we make sure your stairs adhere to regulations.

Our diverse team offers so much more than staircases. Our services cover complete loft conversion planning, including hand-drawn designs and help with planning permission and applications. We also operate as steel suppliers, stocking a range of universal steel columns and beams, among other products. In addition, we fabricate steels to individual specifications, meeting the needs of builders, civil engineers, architects and all other clients.

While suitable stair options for your project will depend on the specifics of your property and conversion, the following are the main types available for loft conversions:

Conventional Staircases

Conventional staircases are the most popular option for attic conversions in Wembley and the surrounding areas. These can be either straight, quarter-turn or half-turn depending on the property and location of the staircase.

Our loft conversion specialists can construct conventional stairs in a broad range of styles and finishes to suit your tastes and the style of your home.

Spiral Staircases

If space is tight, a spiral staircase can be a viable option for your loft extension in Wembley. In addition, a spiral staircase can add a style element, but they are subject to further building regulations. As an expert loft conversion company, Econoloft can advise on regulations and planning requirements to help make your dream staircase a reality.

Paddle Staircases

Many conversion projects also have the option of a paddle staircase, which is the main type of space saving staircase available for loft conversions These are flights that rise more steeply than a traditional staircase and the steps are specially shaped to provide alternating footholds.

Econoloft pioneered the use of pace saving staircases, leading to their introduction in Part K of the building regulations. As such, we are the leading choice for paddle staircases in Wembley, ensuring a safe, high-quality installation that meets all relevant regulations.

Building Regulations

When it comes to staircases for attic conversions, there are various regulations surrounding their design and installation. While our loft conversion specialists include staircases in conversion plans and ensure all projects are fully compliant, the main points are:

  • The centre of the flight must have at least 1.9m of headroom

  • At the edge of the stairs the headroom must be at least 1.8m

  • The maximum allowed pitch is 42 degrees

  • There is no minimum width, but anything less than 600mm is impractical

However, some regulations vary between counties and local authorities may make exceptions for individual loft extensions. For example, they may allow you to install a space saving staircase with a pitch steeper than 42 degrees. No matter your requirements, as a customer focused loft conversion company, we make sure you get the best option for your property and needs.

Remember, Econoloft offers bespoke loft conversion planning advice and services for projects of every size and specification. This is one aspect of our design to completion services, resulting in efficient, cohesive and stress-free builds. Another component is the supply, manufacture and installation of steels, which we can provide as reputable steel suppliers. This further removes the need for third parties.

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