You don’t have to move to find the extra space you need. In fact, the answer is right under your roof – transform your loft space. As a leading loft conversion company, Econoloft has helped countless customers in Tonbridge and across the UK avoid the need to move by providing high quality loft conversions. Whether you need anything from a home office to a master suite, improving your home with a loft extension offers many benefits over moving, and our loft conversion specialists ensure you enjoy all the advantages attic conversions have to offer.

Find out why improving is so much better than moving and fall back in love with your house:

Econoloft would like to remind you that we don’t just build conversions. We offer comprehensive loft conversion planning services as well as the supply and manufacture of various steels. Our team works on conversions of every specification and our steel suppliers provide quality products for all kinds of projects, from domestic builds to civil engineering jobs.


You’re no doubt put off by the high cost of moving, so why not avoid the expense altogether by opting for a cost-effective loft extension instead? Even upsizing to a house with just one more bedroom can add a significant amount to your mortgage, plus you’ve got the added expenses such as stamp duty and solicitors’ fees.

However, loft conversions give homeowners in Tonbridge the space they need now at a much lower cost than moving. In addition, every penny you spend on a conversion you reap back in terms of practical space and increased property value.

For an idea of how much you could save, contact us for loft costing.


If you’ve ever moved homes before, you know how stressful the process is, but attic conversions mean our customers in Tonbridge don’t have to deal with estate agents, solicitor delays, removal companies and all the other aspects of moving. Instead, our loft conversion specialists provide a stress-free and enjoyable project that helps you love your current home all over again.

From design and planning to completion, we work efficiently and take care of everything for our clients. With over 30 years’ experience as a loft conversion company, we create your perfect space with minimal disruption.


When thinking about moving, many people like the idea of having a blank canvas to work with, but you can only personalise an existing property so far. However, as a completely new space, a loft extension really is a blank canvas that you can make entirely your own.

With many years of experience and having completed thousands of loft conversions, the loft conversion specialists at Econoloft make your Tonbridge attic into any space you can imagine. From a productive home office or cosy cinema room to a bright and airy bedroom, our conversions give you the scope to create a unique space that is exactly what you need.


If your house doesn’t have all the space you need but you love the area you live in, a loft extension is the ideal option. Attic conversions provide the space our customers in Tonbridge and the UK need, meaning they don’t have to leave the neighbourhoods they love.

Maybe your current home is close to work or your children’s school, or perhaps you have wonderful neighbours. Whatever your reasons for not wanting to leave the area, our loft conversion company has the solution.

Remember, the Econoloft team operates as turnkey loft converters and steel suppliers. Our services cover everything from loft conversion planning to completion of your project, and we also offer individual planning and steel supply solutions.

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