All construction work is subject to building regulations and loft conversions are no exception. There are many regulations which set standards for different aspects of your conversion, such as fire safety, insulation and ventilation. When undertaking attic conversions in Sevenoaks, Bromley and elsewhere in the UK, Econoloft ensures work adheres to current regulations. With over 150 years of combined experience, our loft conversion specialists have extensive knowledge of regulations and stay up to date with any changes. In this way, we make sure our services are always relevant and compliant. In addition, as a dedicated loft conversion company, we take care of any paperwork and provide expert advice about the requirements of your loft extension.

At Econoloft, we understand that every project, property and customer is different, which is why we produce tailored plans for each conversion in Sevenoaks and the UK. However, while work and services may differ, they will always meet relevant regulations.

The team at Econoloft would like to remind you that our services include professional loft conversion planning. This forms part of the turnkey solution we provide for conversions but is also available as an individual service.

Furthermore, we are trusted steel suppliers, providing suitable, high-quality steel for your project. From domestic building work to civil engineering projects, we stock and fabricate steels which deliver optimal structural integrity.

What are the Building Regulations?

Building regulations are legal requirements which set minimum standards for design, construction and alterations. These requirements are set out in ‘Approved Documents’ which form part of the regulations and which our loft conversion specialists have thorough knowledge of. The documents include practical and technical guidance for loft conversions and cover different aspects of construction. For example, Approved Document A (Structure) and Approved Document B (Fire Safety).

When planning attic conversions in Sevenoaks, designs and work must comply with building regulations. If your conversion will be a habitable space, rather than storage, your project will need building regulations approval from either the local authority or an approved inspector. The loft conversion company carrying out work can choose where to get approval.

The specific regulations that apply to your loft extension will depend on the style you choose, and we will discuss these with you at the planning stage. However, as a starting point, building regulations cover the following:

  • Fire Safety – Loft conversions need fire resistant doors, smoke alarms and a safe means of escape.

  • Floor & Beams – Your loft in Sevenoaks will likely need new floor joists to take new loads.

  • Sound Insulation – Sound insulation is necessary between habitable rooms. You may also need sound insulation between your loft extension and your neighbour’s loft if you have a detached or semi-detached property.

  • Stairs – Attic conversions must have a new staircase to provide adequate fire safety. While it may be possible to use a space saving staircase, retractable ladders or staircases are not generally acceptable.

  • Walls – New walls will need to help support existing and new roofs if we have removed roof supports.

Who Sorts it Out?

As customer focused loft conversion specialists, Econoloft takes care of as much as possible for our Sevenoaks clients. Our loft conversion company includes in-house draftsmen who produce plans to the highest standards, taking all requirements and regulations into account. We then get an approved inspector to check our plans and ensure proposed loft conversions are fully compliant. The inspector then notifies the local authority on your behalf and will issue a plans certificate.

During construction, we monitor work and arrange inspections to make sure we continue to meet high standards. Then on completion of your loft extension, the approved inspector will assess our work and issue a final certificate to the local authority. The inspector will not issue a final notice until they are satisfied the conversion fully complies with regulations.

Remember, Econoloft provides tailored loft conversion planning, ensuring all proposed work meets the highest standards and is fully compliant. Working as loft conversion experts and experienced steel suppliers, we have unbeatable knowledge of regulations regarding structure, fire safety, energy efficiency and all other aspects or current legislation.

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