There are around 37,000 house fires every year in the UK and the results can be devastating. As such, you need to know effective fire safety measures are in place to protect you and your family in the event a fire occurs at your home. As loft conversion specialists, Econoloft builds loft conversions that meet all current regulations, including fire safety regulations as laid out in Approved Document Part B. Incorporating features such as smoke alarms and escape routes, we ensure your loft extension in Purley or anywhere else in the UK meets the highest standards of fire safety for your peace of mind.

On this page, our loft conversion company outlines the main aspects of fire regulations for attic conversions, giving you the information you need, including how Econoloft complies with regulations. If you require more information about our services or wish to discuss your own project with our friendly team, please get in touch.

For your peace of mind as well as compliance with regulations, Econoloft ensures every aspect of your project meets relevant fire safety standards. Our services include:

  • Loft conversion planning for all fire safety features and requirements, ensuring we implement suitable solutions at the correct stages of the build

  • Provision and installation of steel beams in our capacity as steel suppliers, including suitable protection for required fire resistance, such as two or more layers of plasterboard

Smoke Alarms

You must have at least one smoke alarm on every storey of your house and this includes loft conversions. Smoke alarms act as the first line of defence and greatly improve the chances of surviving a fire. The alarms should be interlinked and mains operated, and you should test them periodically to make sure they are working. When constructing loft extensions in Purley and the UK, our loft conversion company incorporates smoke detectors into plans, ensuring suitable placement.

Escape Routes

Attic conversions must have a protected escape route that leads to an external door on the ground floor. This includes protected stairways and corridors that offer at least 30 minutes of fire resistance. In addition, all habitable rooms along the escape route should have FD20-rated fire doors, which may mean replacing existing doors in your home.

Furthermore, our loft conversion specialists make sure every conversion includes a window through which a person can escape if it is not possible to escape via the stairway.


Ceilings in rooms below loft conversions must achieve 30 minutes fire resistance, which may require upgrading the fireproofing of existing ceilings in your Purley home. At our loft conversion company, we assess the resistance of your ceilings and advise on suitable upgrades where necessary to meet fire regulations.

Planning and Inspections

Proper planning during the early stages of attic conversions ensures they are safe and compliant. This also avoids expensive and disruptive remedial work to bring conversions up to standard. As loft conversion specialists with many years’ industry experience, the Econoloft team offers reliable planning and construction services, giving our customers in Purley and across the UK complete peace of mind.

We advise on fire regulations along with all other building regulations, making sure your loft extension has all relevant features and protections in place. We also arrange necessary building control inspections and ensure your conversion passes each inspection.

Remember, Econoloft’s loft conversion planning services cover all aspects of health and safety. As time-served conversion experts and steel suppliers, we have extensive knowledge of regulations and stay up to date with latest changes. From fire alarms to appropriate fire rated materials, we deliver the highest safest standards.

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