A loft extension provides an ideal opportunity to improve the energy efficiency of your property. As well as making your home more comfortable, this makes it cheaper to heat, saving you money on energy bills. There are various ways we maximise energy efficiency as a loft conversion company, such as using high-quality insulation and windows. The exact products and methods we use depends on the specifics of loft conversions, but we always ensure you have the best options for your project. Find out how our loft conversion specialists maximise the energy efficiency of attic conversions in Kingston, Bromley and across the UK.

By using reputable products, materials and brands, along with expert building methods, Econoloft ensures your conversion is as efficient as possible. The following are the main ways we minimise heat loss and save you money on your bills:

Don’t forget, Econoloft’s full loft conversion planning, design and build services are the best way to get the most from your space. We work with you to find ideal solutions for your project and budget, including insulation, windows and utility installations.

Furthermore, because we are also steel suppliers, we give you the best price on quality steels and ensure a streamlined build process.


Insulation is the main way we improve thermal efficiency as a loft conversion company, and your loft extension will involve installing insulation in the roof and walls. In line with current building regulations, your roof must provide a certain standard of thermal efficiency, known as a U-value, which we ensure with insulation of the correct type and thickness.

As loft conversion specialists, we supply suitable, high quality insulation for attic conversions in Kingston, including Celotex and Kingspan insulation.


A lot of heat escapes through your windows, so for the best energy efficiency it’s important to minimise this heat loss. There are many window options for loft conversions in Kingston, including double- and triple-glazed windows which offer high efficiency ratings. In addition, Econoloft is a Velux approved installer and we supply and fit branded rooflights in a wide range of glazing options.

Another consideration is the placement of windows in attic conversions. If you have the option, try and place windows so that they are south facing because this can add valuable heat and light to the space. A reputable loft conversion company such as Econoloft will be able to advise on window placement and design.


While effective insulation and glazing help prevent heat loss, it is also important to have an energy efficient heating system. When constructing loft conversions in Kingston, we can often extend your existing heating system, however your boiler may not have the capacity to heat the extra space.

If this is the case, or if you have an old or ineffective system, our loft conversion specialists recommend updating your boiler. With modern boilers offering 90% efficiency or above, this is an ideal way to maximise the energy efficiency of your loft extension as well as the rest of your house.

We would like to remind you that when you choose Econoloft for your project, you have access to a comprehensive service package, which includes everything from loft conversion planning and hand-drawn designs to full supply and build services.

As reputable steel suppliers, we even take care of all steel requirements, removing the need for third parties and preventing mistakes and delays due to communication or measurement issues.

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