When it comes to loft conversions, bigger isn’t always better. With thoughtful design and planning, you can make even a small space work perfectly for you, and with over 150 years of combined experience, the loft conversion specialists at Econoloft ensure you get the most from your space. But if you’re struggling to envision how you can transform your small loft into a stylish and usable room that meets your needs, read this guide from the UK’s leading loft conversion company. Whether creating loft extensions for use as a bedroom, home office, cinema room or other space, we provide customers in Greenwich and all the surrounding areas with expert ideas and solutions to deliver perfect attic conversions, no matter their size.

Remember, the Econoloft team, which includes draughtsmen, contractors, project managers and steel suppliers, has experience working on conversions of every shape and size. Whatever the specifications of your attic space, we ensure structural integrity and optimise available room through our tailored loft conversion planning service.

There are plenty of things you can do to make the most of small loft conversions, from being creative with storage to maximising natural light. The following are a few popular ideas to get you started:


With small attic conversions, there is a risk that the space will appear dark, dingy and unwelcoming. To avoid this, homeowners in Greenwich should make the most of light, which you can do in various ways, such as:

  • Incorporate plenty of windows into loft extension plans, including rooflights.

  • If suitable, you can also include French doors and a Juliet balcony to let in as much sunlight as possible.

  • Use mirrors and light colour schemes to reflect light around the room.

  • Avoid heavy, dark or thick wooden furniture.

We invite you to explore our gallery for some inspiration on different window and lighting options available to you.

Use all Available Space

Any reputable loft conversion company will tell you that utilising all available space is key to getting the most from a conversion. Most attic conversions in Greenwich will have awkward space and using this creatively ensures you aren’t wasting any space, which is especially important for small loft conversions.

As loft conversion specialists we can recommend effective solutions for each project, but you may consider:

  • Installing fitted furniture, storage or shelves under eaves or in any alcoves.

  • Install storage that goes upwards rather than outwards.

  • Consider a dormer conversion to provide additional space.

Remove Clutter

Clutter makes rooms look messy and appear smaller than they are. Consequently, to make your loft extension in Greenwich appear roomier, it is important to minimise the amount of clutter. Our loft conversion company recommends carefully selecting a few items to have on display and including clever storage solutions that give you a space to store other items out of sight, keeping the room clear and tidy.

Think Creatively

When working with a small space it is important to think creatively about how to use it. If your loft is too small for the space you had in mind, consider moving things around in your current home and moving an existing space into the loft. For example, customers in Greenwich could turn an existing study into the extra bedroom they need and use attic conversions to create a dedicated home office.

With many years of industry experience, the loft conversion specialists at Econoloft can provide all kinds of professional design ideas for your home and conversion.

We would like to remind new, existing and potential customers that we provide a comprehensive service package, covering everything from loft conversion planning to snagging and handover.

This includes the fabrication and installation of steels, which other companies need to outsource due to the specialist nature of the work. However, as reputable steel suppliers, Econoloft handles all aspects of steelwork alongside all other project requirements.

Removing the need for third parties, we provide the best value for money, reduce construction times and ensure a stress- and hassle-free experience.

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