Having been operating as a loft conversion company since 1986, Econoloft has created all kinds of spaces for our customers. From home offices to luxurious bathrooms, we transform your attic into your dream space. To achieve complete satisfaction, our loft conversion specialists work closely with you throughout design and construction, making sure all aspects of attic conversions meet expectations. Whether you know exactly what you want from a loft extension or you need some inspiration, Econoloft is here to help. We work with all kinds of customers in Croydon, Bromley and across the UK, helping clients realise the potential of their underused lofts.

Whether building loft conversions for living, working, relaxing or entertaining, we bring a wealth of knowledge and experience to your project. Having a clear idea of what you want from your conversion early on is important for achieving the best result. Luckily, with over 150 years of combined experience, our team provides expert advice and design ideas for every requirement.

A key component to successful projects is our professional loft conversion planning service, which ensures your new space is designed around your needs and the way you plan to use it. In addition, because we provide turnkey solutions, right down to fabricating and fitting steels in our role as steel suppliers, we never lose site of the end goal.

If you need some inspiration, consider the following ideas for attic conversions, and see our case studies for a sense of what we achieve for our customers in Croydon and across the UK:

Home Office or Study

Because loft conversions are away from the main living areas, they are ideal for use as a home office or study. The calmer and quieter surroundings help improve productivity and reduce stress, plus you have a dedicated place to work or study in peace, even if your house is busy.

Extra Bedroom

If you could use another bedroom, attic conversions are a cost-effective way to find the extra space. A conversion offers plenty of privacy as well as lots of natural light, making it a perfect option for a master bedroom or guest room. In addition, thanks to the rising heat from the rest of the house, your conversion will be a cosy space that is comfortable to sleep in all year round.

Furthermore, as an experienced loft conversion company, we can even install sliding French doors onto a Juliet balcony so you can fully enjoy the view from your new bedroom.

Rustic Features

A loft extension is the perfect opportunity to add some rustic charm to your property in Croydon. Our loft conversion specialists can incorporate exposed wooden beams into the space which you can complement with stripped back wooden furniture and muted colours for a timeless and cosy space.


If you have young children, you may find it difficult to find space for all their toys. Or perhaps you’re getting frustrated by constantly tripping over toys? Either way, loft conversions are the ideal answer.

With plenty of natural light accompanied by a cheerful colour scheme, a loft extension is excellent for use as a playroom. This will give your kids a dedicated space to play and store their toys, freeing up the rest of your house.

Luxury Bathroom

Have you ever dreamed of having a spacious, high-quality bathroom where you can relax in comfort and style? Why not make that dream a reality with a loft extension? As loft conversion specialists, we regularly install new bathrooms as part of attic conversions in Croydon and the UK.

As a loft conversion company committed to customer service, we supply baths, showers, sinks and other features in any style you require. Plus, a bathroom in a conversion offers the added benefit of views of the sky from your bath through a Velux window.

However you choose to use your conversion, Econoloft is on hand to deliver your ideal space which complies with all current regulations and meets the highest standards. We achieve this through our extensive range of services, spanning everything from loft conversion planning and building to handover.

With vast experience as loft converters and steel suppliers, we ensure optimal structural integrity, fire safety and overall space performance.
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