Loft Extension in Weybridge from the Leading Loft Conversion Company – Benefits of Joint Conversions

Converting your loft offers a wide range of benefits, but if your neighbour is also considering a loft extension, you can benefit even more by carrying out work at the same time with the help of our loft conversion company. One of the main worries with loft conversions is how the neighbours will react, how easy it will be to obtain a party wall agreement and how disruptive work will be. However, by working with your neighbour to arrange joint conversion works, you both enjoy an easier, less stressful and more efficient build experience. As loft conversion specialists, the team at Econoloft can work on two unique, neighbouring attic conversions in Weybridge or anywhere else in the UK, giving both you and your neighbour the highest standard of service and workmanship.

If you’re ready to enjoy all the advantages of a bespoke loft conversion, and you know your neighbour is thinking about it too, talk to them about planning your conversions together with Econoloft to enjoy the following advantages:

Don’t forget, Econoloft provides full services for your project, including loft conversion planning and all subsequent works. Furthermore, if you require steels for your own conversion, or any other project, our steel suppliers can provide the exact product you need. We stock a wide range of universal beams and columns, among other options, and offer in-house manufacturing services.

Easier Planning

Part of planning a loft extension in Weybridge involves coming to an agreement with your direct neighbours about building works. This is called a party wall agreement and is a legal requirement. Obtaining a written agreement involves giving your neighbours notice of building works and they can then consent, refuse or serve a counter notice. As you can imagine, if your neighbour doesn’t agree to your conversion, it can make the whole process of creating your dream loft space difficult and stressful.

However, if both you and your neighbour want to undertake work that requires a party wall agreement, such as loft conversions, it is much easier and quicker to settle the agreement, saving you time and stress. Either way, our loft conversion company can help you navigate party wall agreements.

Less Disruption

Homeowners in Weybridge and the UK often worry about the disruption attic conversions will cause to neighbours, as well as the disruption neighbouring building work will cause themselves. Arranging joint construction works with our loft conversion specialists minimises these concerns in two ways:

To read first-hand reviews of our joint conversion services, please explore our case studies.

Seamless Exterior

Working on neighbouring loft extensions at the same time enables our loft conversion company to ensure the external appearance of the conversions is attractive and flawless. This also prevents one home looking fresher than the other. You and your neighbour probably have very similar properties, so it shouldn’t be hard to agree on external materials. Although your attic conversions will be completely unique on the inside, our loft conversion specialists in Weybridge can make both homes match stylishly on the outside for maximum visual appeal.

Remember, our services are wide-reaching. All projects start with personalised loft conversion planning, which we also offer on a standalone basis. In addition to all trades and management solutions which form part of our attic conversion services, we also work as steel suppliers. We cover all sectors and requirements, stocking and fabricating a vast range of steels.

For more information or to discuss your loft extension in Weybridge with the specialists at Econoloft, please call 0800 269765, 01942 722754 or 0208 7771719.

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