Loft Extension in Wandsworth – Preparing for Your Conversion

Whether you’ve already set a date for construction, or you want to know what’s involved with a loft extension before you commit, preparation is a key consideration. Our loft conversion specialists make sure you know exactly what to expect, from predicted timeframes to the impact on daily life, so you can be ready for building work. Having been operating as a loft conversion company since 1986, we know what customers ask before we start work on attic conversions. As such, we are prepared for any questions or concerns you throw our way, and we always answer with honesty. On this page you will find the answers to some of the key questions our customers ask about preparing for loft conversions in Wandsworth and across the UK.

Although preparation may be different for each customer, there are some general steps which apply to most, if not all, of our clients. There are also certain disruptions you should consider because they may affect your day to day life for a short time. These include the following:

Construction Timeframe

Although the time it takes to construct a loft extension depends on the size, style and specifics of your project, a conversion generally takes about six weeks. You should be prepared for builders to be on site for this amount of time, or perhaps longer, but our loft conversion specialists will let you know the expected timeframe well in advance.

Clearing Your Loft

To ensure attic conversions get off to the best start, we ask our customers in Wandsworth to completely clear their lofts before we arrive to start construction. This includes all cupboards and under eaves areas. If customers don’t clear the space, we must pause work on loft conversions until the loft is empty.


As well as emptying your loft, it is important to make sure the area around your loft opening is clear to ensure we have easy and safe access to the space. In addition, as a dedicated loft conversion company, we use scaffolding for safe access that minimises disruption and maximises productivity. This means the space around the outside of your property also needs to be clear. We also require outside space for skips, deliveries and storage of materials.

Basic Amenities

While we do our best to minimise disruption to your Wandsworth home, loft conversions require us to occasionally disconnect utilities, such as water and electricity. While we will always inform you beforehand and reconnect them as quickly as possible, you should prepare for some disruption during the course of construction.

Living Situation

Most of our customers choose to stay living in their homes while we build loft extensions. Because we have access from the outside, attic conversions are one of the least disruptive home improvement projects, meaning your home is still comfortable and functional during construction.

However, our loft conversion specialists will still require frequent access to your house, which is why some homeowners in Wandsworth choose to move out during construction. This is completely your choice and as a customer focused loft conversion company, Econoloft will do everything we can to make you comfortable either way.

For more information about loft extensions in Wandsworth and the UK, call Econoloft on 0800 269765, 01942 722754 or 0208 7771719.

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