There’s no doubt that a loft extension is an ideal way to add space, comfort and style to your home, but where do you start with design and styling? With over 150 years’ combined experience, our loft conversion specialists help every customer in Twickenham and the UK choose the perfect options for their loft conversions. As a starting point, this guide highlights some popular design and style features for attic conversions, giving you some inspiration for your own project. Even if you’re unsure exactly what you want to achieve, as a professional loft conversion company, Econoloft can provide a range of ideas to give you the most from your space.

While there are endless design possibilities for your loft space, the following are some key design and style ideas you may want to consider:

Don’t forget, Econoloft offers a dedicated loft conversion planning service, ensuring all features you want and need are incorporated at the correct stage. This service is available to clients requiring individual planning advice as well as homeowners undertaking a full conversion with us.

We also work as experienced steel suppliers, providing quality steels for optimal structural stability, no matter the project or application.

Full Height Doors & Windows

Where possible, try to include full height doors and windows in your Twickenham loft extension, whether it’s the French doors to your balcony or the entrance to your en suite. Full height frames visually follow the form of the room, giving the appearance of an elongated space and as the leading loft conversion company, Econoloft can advise on the best options for every project.

Please view our gallery for an idea of what we achieve with full height doors and windows in various styles.


Rooflights are one of the most common features of loft conversions and for good reason. They add a sense of charm and style while allowing plenty of natural light to enter the loft, which keeps the room bright, make it seem bigger and helps reduce the need for artificial lighting.

The loft conversion specialists at Econoloft are approved Velux installers and we can offer a wide range of high-quality rooflight solutions for attic conversions in Twickenham and throughout the UK, including electric, sound insulated and burglary resistant windows.

Different Textures

Combining different materials and accessories helps create a cosy, welcoming space. In terms of design, exposed beams are a popular choice for both more traditional and contemporary loft conversions, as is wood or wood-effect flooring. You can also add texture with furniture and accessories such as armchairs, cushions and rugs.

Fitted Furniture

Your loft extension in Twickenham will most likely have some awkward space, such as corners or the area under a sloped ceiling. To make the most of attic conversions, it is important to utilise these spaces and our loft conversion specialists can recommend the most practical use of each awkward space.

Fitted furniture is the best way to maximise these areas and whether you need cupboards, wardrobes, shelving, an entertainment unit or office storage, custom furniture ensures you don’t waste any precious space.

Colour Schemes

Choosing the right colours for your conversion can really enhance the space, creating the desired atmosphere and helping it appear spacious, bright and airy. Light and soft colours will help the room feel cooler in summer and will reflect light to make the loft brighter throughout the year.

If you want to include dark colours, our loft conversion company recommends using them sparingly to create a feature wall or to highlight a specific area.

Whatever you want for your space, Econoloft makes it happen with the range of professional services we offer as loft conversion experts and steel suppliers. From loft conversion planning to the in-house fabrication of steels, we provide everything you need.

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