If your family is growing, you already have children, or you regularly welcome grandkids, nieces or nephews into your home, your loft extension needs to be child friendly. When undertaking loft conversion planning, it’s vital to think about everyone who will use the space because this ensures loft conversions meet all needs. On this page, our loft conversion specialists explain how you can make your conversion in South West London or the UK, safe and comfortable for the children in your life, while providing the practical extra space you need.

Remember, Econoloft doesn’t just plan and build conversions. Our team includes skilled steel suppliers who fabricate structural steels for all kinds of projects. We can take measurements for you before manufacturing required steels. Alternatively, we stock a wide range of steels including universal columns and beams.

There are various ways our loft conversion company can make attic conversions child friendly. The best options for you will depend on factors such as the age of your children and how you intend to use your conversion. With this in mind, some of the main ways to maximise the child friendliness of loft conversions are:


Large windows are a huge attraction of attic conversions because they create a bright, airy room that enjoys natural sunlight throughout the day and seasons. However, windows can also be a major hazard, with the potential for children to fall. From such a height, the consequences could be devastating.

As such, our loft conversion company urges you to make sure any windows in your South West London loft extension are lockable and if possible, out of reach of children. This includes not placing furniture beneath windows that kids could use as a climbing frame.

Furthermore, at the loft conversion planning stage, you may choose to incorporate a balcony into your space. In this case, ensure you keep the doors to the balcony locked when children are unsupervised. You should also be wary of blind cords and try to select cordless blinds to eliminate this hazard.

For an idea of the different window and balcony options available to you, please visit our gallery.


A new staircase is an essential part of any loft extension and as loft conversion specialists, we help you choose a child friendly option for your home in South West London or the UK. Children easily fall down stairs, so it is important to minimise this risk. One way to do this is by choosing a style that reduces the chances of tripping or slipping. For this, our loft conversion company recommends a conventional, carpeted staircase.

While space saving staircases, such as spiral and paddle designs, are popular for attic conversions, they are more hazardous for children. In addition, depending on the age of your children, you may wish to install stairgates at the top and bottom of your new stairs.


Many homeowners in South West London decide to build loft conversions to use as playrooms. If you plan to create a playroom, it’s worth thinking about soundproofing to provide more peace and quiet to the rest of the house. While soundproof insulation is one option, features such as thick curtains and carpets are also effective at minimising noise. Soundproof insulation brands include:

  • Jablite Insulation

  • Actis Insulation

  • IKO Insulation

  • Isover Insulation

  • Celotex Insulation

  • Gyproc Plasterboard

Our loft conversion specialists also recommend soundproofing for customers building a home office in the loft. This reduces noise from the rest of the house, aiding concentration, and is especially beneficial if you have children playing downstairs. If you require soundproof insulation, we can factor this in during loft conversion planning.

Don’t forget, we also operate as steel suppliers. Whether you need structural steels for a domestic, commercial, architectural or civil engineering project, or something else, we work with you to supply suitable products. Our services include in-house fabrication to your specifations, enabling us to meet all requirements.

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