As loft conversion specialists, the Econoloft team doesn’t just build your ideal space, we also help you get the most from it with expert styling advice. Whether you need a bedroom, playroom, home office or something else, we undertake full design and construction services to create a stunning conversion that meets your exact requirements. However, the right styling, such as colours, textures and furniture is vital for enhancing your loft extension, ensuring it provides maximum function, style and comfort. Whether constructing attic conversions in Shooters Hill, London or anywhere else in the UK, we are always happy to advise on solutions for individual loft conversions and needs, helping our clients make the most from their valuable new spaces.

Operating as specialist loft converters and steel suppliers, Econoloft provides everything you need to maximise your space. From loft conversion planning to building and snagging, we are the only company you need if you want to get the most from your home and money.

The following are just some points to consider when styling your conversion, but remember to keep your specific requirements in mind:


Colours and Patterns

Colour can drastically change the feel of a room, so getting it right is important. Light colours, such as whites, creams and pastels are popular for smaller spaces in Shooters Hill, such as attic conversions, because they reflect light, helping make rooms appear bigger, brighter and airier. If you find one colour boring, adding a splash of colour, either with paint or soft furnishings, helps add visual interest. Feature walls are also ideal for this.

When it comes to colour, you also need to think about how you plan to use your loft extension. For example, offices and bedrooms should incorporate calming colours or patterns, while playrooms are more suitable for bold, bright colours and patterns.


Along with colour, different textures are important for enhancing the look and feel of loft conversions in Shooters Hill. Some options our loft conversion specialists recommend playing around with include:

  • Laying cosy rugs on wooden floors
  • Adding greenery with real or artificial plants
  • Leaving some exposed brickwork
  • Incorporating patterned cushions or other furnishings
  • Opting for natural fibres and materials
  • Hanging curtains or blinds

Furniture and Storage

Standard furniture is often too large or bulky to fit comfortably into attic conversions, so the best way to furnish your Shooters Hill loft is with custom furniture. This ensures furniture fits perfectly and doesn’t take up unnecessary space or make the room seem smaller. Fitted storage also helps with this because it allows you to utilise the awkward areas of your loft extension that would otherwise go to waste, such as under the eaves.

Furthermore, incorporating plenty of storage into loft conversions helps keep them tidy and free of clutter, improving the look, function and comfort of the space. In addition to fitted storage, our loft conversion specialists also recommend incorporating multifunction items, such as storage ottomans.

Remember, Econoloft provides design to completion services for your conversion and our team is ready to assist with all your loft conversion planning, construction and styling needs. With attic conversion experts and steel suppliers in one place, it has never been easier or more cost-effective to enhance your home.

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