• Do you provide plans?

    From your initial deposit Econoloft undertake a survey of the property in order for us to draw your plans by hand to make sure nothing is missed. At Econoloft we have our own in house drawing office and will advise on the best possible scheme in order for you to gain the most out of your loft conversion and still comply with the local planning restrictions.

  • What about the paperwork?

    If Planning or a Lawful Development certificate is required, we would submit this on your behalf.

  • What happens when we have the paperwork?

    Once all permissions are in place we are to complete the structural calculations and manufacturer steels in our Lancashire warehouse. Every aspect from start to finish is individually tailored to your house and requirements.

  • How long does the work take?

    All conversions vary due to the different type of work however; as a guide we would estimate that the work will take 6-8 weeks. A Dormer conversion will typically take a week to 10 days longer than a Velux™ conversion.

  • How is the rubble and waste disposed of?

    Via a skip, the cost of which will be costed in your contract.

  • What about the water tanks in the loft?

    Plumbers are able to move your water tanks, and if need be install new ones.

  • Can I have natural wood panel fire doors?

    No, all our panel fire doors are made of pressed material.

  • What will happen to my existing loft hatch?

    The existing loft hatch will be blocked off, made secure and plastered.

  • Will steel work be required in my conversion even though it is only a Velux™ conversion?

    In most cases yes.

  • Who supervises the work?

    We have qualified supervisor who visits each site during the conversion.