• Will my loft meet Building Regulations?

    Yes. If your conversion is for habitable accommodation, then it needs to be planned professionally to ensure it confirms to stringent building regulations. Here at Econoloft, we have our own drawing office where our technical draughtsmen will produce your plans to the highest standards and specifications.  Our experts give due consideration to all the requirements of the regulations in the preparation of the plans, as well as monitoring the construction during the course of the work, thus ensuring they receive a completion certificate upon final completion of the conversion.

  • What are The Building Regulations 2010?

    These are legal requirements aimed at achieving adequate standards of building work within the new construction. These requirements are specified in separate 'documents' as part of the regulations, containing practical and technical guidance. They are known as 'Approved Documents' which cover different aspects of construction e.g. Part A (Structure), Part B (Fire Safety), Part L (Conservation of fuel and power) each to secure the health and safety of people in or about the building.
    You are required to achieve compliance with the Building Regulations when considering a loft conversion, the proposed conversion will involve changes to the structure of the building, fire safety, sound and thermal insulation as well as adequate light and ventilation and finally a satisfactory access via the new staircase.

  • Who sorts out all the paperwork?

    Econoloft construct all its conversions under the Building (Approved Inspectors etc.) Regulations 2010 where an approved inspector will check our plans and make all necessary inspections of your proposed building work to ensure that it complies with the Building Regulations. The inspector will notify the local authority on your behalf about the intended building work. This is known as the initial notice. When satisfied that the building work complies with the Building Regulations, the approved inspector will issue plans certificate.
    Upon completion of the work, the approved inspector will issue what is known as the final certificate to the local authority, confirming that the work in the initial notice is complete and that the inspector is satisfied that it complies with the Building Regulations requirements. A final notice will not be issued until the inspector is satisfied that the completed work fully complies with the Building Regulations.