Our loft conversion has provided plenty of space for our family


With two young children to raise, Meghan and Michael Owen recognised the potential of their end terraced house when they purchased it in 2013.


Loft conversion solves double trouble dilemma


With two youngsters already, Dave and Kerry are very much aware of the need to have their own child free zone. And, with two others joining the family – their very own retreat at the top of the house was going to be their little bit of paradise.


We don’t know how we managed without our loft conversion


The Levick family - Mark, Sara and their two children Mya aged 9 and Harry aged 5 - have lived in their St Alban’s semi detached home for several years and even though they had a side extension they realised they needed an additional bedroom.


We did our loft conversion with our next-door neighbour!


We met Econoloft at the exhibition and we really liked the fact they were a family company that had a long history. We were also keen to work with a loft specialist rather than a generic builder.


Extending our home helped our family get on the property ladder


Rising house prices across the UK, particularly in Greater London have left a generation struggling to take their first steps onto the housing ladder and a growing number of parents are looking for ways they can provide assistance.


Our grown up son could hardly fit in to his bedroom


We have lived in our property for over 15 years and with the third bedroom a small box room, one of our two sons was always going to have the short straw, she said. However, now a grown man, he had literally out grown the room.


L shaped loft conversion perfect enhances the whole house


The Noels needed more space for their growing family and ideally wanted to move to a 3-bedroomed house in Brockley. However, they soon realised that they would need to extend their mortgage by a staggering £200,000 just to get that extra bedroom.


We Love our grown up room


Many terraced and semi detached homes in the UK are comprised of three bedrooms, but often the third bedroom is a small box room – not ideal if you have more than one child. Life could sometimes feel a little cramped in their mid terraced Beckenham home.


From 3 bed to 5 bed - we’ve created our dream family home


Transforming a three-bedroomed terraced home into a five-bedroomed property was always in the minds of the O’Learys when they purchased their house in Surrey. Econoloft recommended the family build two bedrooms and a bathroom to make full use of the space


It made financial sense to extend the space we have


“In this area, moving home to get an extra bedroom would have been far too expensive and that’s without taking into account stamp duty and professional fees - and so it made sense to make use of the loft.”


Expanding Family? Expand your Home


Jenni and James Murphy and their daughter purchased a three bedroomed Victorian terraced home in Isleworth with the intention of eventually developing the loft. However, when child number two was on the way the couple decided to bring forward their expan


Econoloft Does it Again for Jon


A few years ago Jon purchased a property in Clapham Junction as a ‘doer upper’. Part of his renovation plans included a loft conversion and he used Econoloft to transform the attic space into an additional bedroom, walk in wardrobe and ensuite. The loft


Conservation Area Loft Conversion was Worth the Wait


Letchworth Garden City is the world’s first Garden City and was established in 1903. Houses have been especially built to blend and harmonise with each other and the architecture designed to add visual interest and variety. This makes it is a desirable pl


Children Moving in Made Loft Conversion a Necessity


When his two children moved in with Steve Evans his partner Ruth and their son aged 3, life in their three bedroomed semi detached house in Addlestone, Surrey became a little bit cramped.


We still love our 20+ year old loft conversion

It’s over 20 years since we had our loft conversion – and we still love it!