Interior Design Tip to Make Your Home a Sanctuary

Spring seems a long way off so try our top tips for making your home a sanctuary. This winter, most of us will be spending a lot of time at home so it makes sense to keep it as cosy as we can until we start to see the first shoots of spring.

layer up

For those people who like to be bang on trend when it comes to interior design, layers and textures are the way forward. Using different textures on the bed, like faux fur throws and cushions layered with real wool blankets or throws, is a simple way to ensure your home is fashionable. Overlapping rugs are also very popular but be careful they don’t become a tripping hazard!

white brick wall in bedroomwhite bedroom

Brick is Back

Exposed brick walls are desirable and work particularly well in a loft conversion, giving that ultra-cool ‘loft living’ look. If you can’t have the real thing, there are some very realistic brick wallpapers available that work just as well. The red hues of real or fake brick will warm up a bedroom and create the comfy, warm feel we want.

Symmetry is Key

Symmetry is also a good vibe in the bedroom because it is so easy on the eye thanks to the visual balance. Think of most hotel rooms you have every stayed in; there are usually two of everything. Two bedside tables, two lamps and two pictures, all placed carefully around a focal point in the bedroom that is usually the bed.

Colouring In

As for colours, look for those with a warm hue such as red, burgundy and terracotta. However, if you want to remain contemporary, navy is the colour to go for this winter. In fact, just think jewelled colours and you won’t go far wrong. You don’t have to spend a fortune either. Rethink your home and perhaps move your accessories from one room to another. It really will help to give your home a fresh new look with minimal expense.

Light the Way

At this time of year, lighting is crucial. Loft conversions will often benefit from lots of natural light in the form of Dormer windows. Natural light really is the best light for daytime. However, when the sun sets and you want to get all moody, create a cosy little nook to read, think or nap. A bookshelf or small table should display something that is precious to you. A comfy chair is essential, and a beautiful lamp is all you need.

When your home is your sanctuary, it’s important to ensure it feels just right for you to unwind and relax. All it takes is a little thought and minimum effort.

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