Loft Conversions in Hemel Hempstead – Make Your Conversion Look Bigger with Thoughtful Planning and Styling

While loft conversions are excellent, versatile spaces, they are often smaller than other rooms and their structure can make even bigger conversions seem cramped. However, with thoughtful planning and decoration, you can enhance the look of your loft extension, making it seem spacious and airy. With many years’ experience as loft conversion specialists, the Econoloft team helps customers in Hemel Hempstead and across the UK maximise the look and feel of their attic conversions, and we give you some expert tips below.

Remember, our team, which includes loft conversion planning experts, project managers and steel suppliers, has completed first-class conversions of every shape and size. No matter the specifications of your space, we optimise every available corner to ensure you get the most from your home.

Any reputable loft conversion company will tell you that a conversion which appears bigger is more welcoming and more comfortable to use, ensuring you use the space to its full potential. To make your loft in Hemel Hempstead seem bigger, consider the following:


Both natural and artificial lighting are important for creating a sense of space in attic conversions. Installing windows and rooflights on multiple sides of loft conversions allows light to reach most areas of the loft, minimising dark spots. In addition, the view windows offer creates a connection to the outside which makes the space seem as if it extends further than it does. As loft conversion specialists, we advise on the best style and placement of windows for your conversion and needs, which we incorporate at the planning stage.

When it comes to artificial lighting, opt for a variety of lights that will illuminate the whole room. Rather than one light in the centre of the room which will create shadows and shrink the space, choose multiple spot lights along with table and/or floor lamps.


Mirrors are ideal for creating the illusion of space because they reflect light. Placing them opposite windows will help bring light into every corner of your Hemel Hempstead loft extension during the day, plus they will reflect the outside world, creating a further sense of space. Mirrors also reflect artificial light for maximum illumination at night.

Furthermore, thoughtfully placed mirrors can create a sense of depth, making loft conversions seem longer than they actually are. This works especially well with floor to ceiling mirrors and our loft conversion company can advise on the best placement.

Built-in Furniture

Filling attic conversions with furniture quickly makes them cramped and can make them feel much smaller than they are. An effective solution for this is to incorporate fitted furniture wherever possible. This reduces the need for larger items of furniture that stick out into the space. For example, our loft conversion specialists recommend under eaves storage which allows you to utilise this tight, awkward space and helps minimise your need for bulkier furniture.

Fitted wardrobes are also a popular option for loft extensions in Hemel Hempstead, and to further reduce the number of furniture items, why not opt for multifunctional pieces such as a storage ottoman or storage bed?

Don’t forget, whatever you want to achieve with your conversion, our loft conversion planning and building experts make it a reality. No matter how small or big your space is, we work with you to fully enhance your attic, providing all the additional advice you need.

Furthermore, as steel suppliers we also stock and manufacture quality steels for your own project, whether it’s a conversion or something else entirely.

For more information and advice about custom loft conversions in Hemel Hempstead and the UK, please call 0800 269765, 01942 722754 or 0208 7771719.

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