Happy New Loft Conversion!

2020 has been an unprecedented year and one that most of us were glad to see the back of. However, it was also a year of adjustment and reflection. Many of us promised ourselves a few changes in 2021. One of those changes could be about how we use our homes. This year is the ideal time to invest in a loft conversion.

Rethinking our homes

In recent times, our homes have become not just a place to live, but also a place to work, recreate and even educate. As a result, some people have been rethinking how they use the space they have. With more people than ever before likely to work from home at least part, if not all the time, the delineation between work and home has never been so important.

Working from the dining room table or a corner of the garage is not a long-term solution for anyone so rethinking about how your family lives is going to be crucial going forward.

You may decide a loft conversion is the ideal place for a new home office, or you may want to move your master bedroom into the loft while using the bedroom as an office. Econoloft’s experts will establish your short-term and long-term requirements to design a flexible space that can change with you as your circumstances evolve.

room with drum kit

Invest in your home

It’s very difficult to predict exactly what the property market will do in 2021. However, in 2020, the market defied the odds with residential property prices in the UK increasing at the fastest pace in four years.

Rightmove predicts asking prices will rise by 4% in 2021, although the pace of increase will be lower than in 2020. The fact remains that property in areas such as Greater London, the South East, East Sussex and the Home Counties continues to be in great demand.

With that in mind, adding more floor space to a home in these areas is always likely to be a good idea. Most property experts agree that one of the best ways to add value to your home is with the addition of a professionally built loft conversion. A nationwide study found that a loft conversion which resulted in an extra bedroom and an en-suite bathroom would add an average of 21 per cent to a property’s worth. So, when you add space, you normally add value too.

More space at home

Regardless of how you want to use your home, having more space to spread out and relax is something that most families tell us they want. It’s no wonder that we have some of the smallest homes in Europe. Giving your children a bedroom each or having the luxury of your own master bedroom suite as a retreat from a busy family, is a dream for many people.

And at the time or writing, although we are in lockdown, Econoloft is still able to plan and estimate your new loft conversion using a raft of virtual tools. And, once you agree to your new loft conversion, we can still start work because the construction sector is exempt from many of the restrictions. Another benefit of a loft conversion is that most of our work in the early stages is carried out outside your home.

The only thing standing in your way from making your home the perfect home for you is your imagination. Bedroom, home office, teenage den, music room, craft and hobby room, space for an au pair or a room for relative; make 2021 the year that you get the home you deserve. What would you have?

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