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Three of the best children’s bedroom design ideas

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When it comes to decorating your kids’ bedroom, there are loads of different styles and designs to choose from. However, what you need to bear in mind is how long they’ll like a particular design for.

Try to avoid adorning the walls of your youngsters’ room with the latest cartoon characters, as they might not be so popular with your child a couple of months down the line.

If you’re stuck for inspiration, check out our three favourite children’s bedroom design ideas below.


1. Introduce colour with accessories


If your budget’s low, keep walls painted white and introduce colour with a bright rug and brightly pattered bed linen.

Decorate plain walls with your child’s artwork – it makes the room look bright and cheerful and is easy enough to update on a regular basis. Back each drawing onto coloured card first to create a professional and smart looking border.


2. Double trouble

If you have twins or your kids share a bedroom, it can be tricky to mutually agree on a theme.

Boys will love this nautical inspired bedroom from housetohome.co.uk. Porthole stickers on the sloping wall give the impression of being underwater whilst boat shaped shelves add to the theme further. Matching patchwork quilts pick out the red, white and blue colour scheme.


3. Creative wall designs
Kids love being creative so why not let their imagination run wild in their bedroom.

Check out this chalkboard wall seen on Pinterest.com. Your kids will love being allowed to draw all over the wall and because it’s chalk, each design can easily be removed.


Give your kids a bedroom they’ll love today. If you’re worried that your home is getting too small as your youngsters continue to grow, you don’t have to move house just yet.

Converting your loft in to a bedroom for your children not only gives you that much needed extra space; it also adds significant value to your property.

Econoloft can make your house into the perfect home with a loft conversion.

For more information regarding the conversion process or to book your FREE estimate, contact us now on FREEPHONE 0800269765 or fill in a call back form and we will contact you when it’s convenient

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Decorate your loft on a budget

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At Econoloft, we’ve been creating masterpieces for clients for the last 40 years, so when it comes to loft conversion, people look upon us as the authority.

Our testimonials page is evidence for why we’re considered the best in the business for delivering outstanding customer service.

We also love to give our customers friendly and helpful advice on interior design and home décor, yet we understand that not everyone can afford to splash out on a designer interior, so we’ve come up with seven great ideas to help you decorate your loft on a budget!

1. Choose a fabulous Feature Wall

Save time and money by focusing on one wall. Use a bright stand-out shade of paint or cover it in fancy patterned wallpaper.

This exotic floral wall creates a pretty and elegant backdrop in this loft bedroom. Pick up on the bright colours with matching accessories and textiles to tie everything in.

2. Bright Textiles add Colour

Lofts tend to be fairly dark places so keep yours light and airy with neutral painted walls. Use brightly coloured textiles to add colour and extra warmth.

Painting your loft walls white will save you a great deal of money, not to mention make the room look bigger. Liven up your loft with brightly coloured accessories and patterned bed linen.

3. Let there be Space!

Mirrors are a low-cost way of adding extra light to a small and dark space, saving you money on installing lots of windows and giving the illusion of extra space.

Check out this money-saving idea from housetohome.co.uk. Hang lots of small mirrors on the wall to reflect as much light as possible – they look great as a substitute for wall art as well.

4. DIY Wall Art

Rather than splashing out on expensive artwork for your walls, get creative with household items to make your very own wall art.

Dip the bottom of an empty cola bottle into some paint to create your own blossomed artwork, like this savvy Pinterest user. It’s a cheap but eye-catching way of adorning your walls.

5. Negate the effects of a Low Ceiling

Make low ceilings a thing of the past by investing in low furniture no more than 3 feet tall.

Alcove lofts can seem problematic but you can make yours into a feature in its own right. Having a low bed means you’ll be able to avoid banging your head on the ceiling too! Beds like this are ultra modern too.


6. Beautiful Bookcases and Cute Cupboards

Rather than shelling out loads of money on fancy paper for the walls, line the back of a bookcase or a cupboard with patterned wallpaper – it’s a cheap and effective way to add colour.

This beautifully lined bookcase was the inspiration of Pillows and Paint Interiors blogger Mary. The patterned paper perfectly complements the colour scheme of the room and makes the bookcase the focal point.

7. Photo Frame your Furniture

Transform an old coffee table with lots of snapshots of you and your family. It’ll really help to lift your mood by reminding you of old times, plus it’ll extend the life of a table that’s on its last legs (if you’ll pardon the pun!).

Have a look at this quirky table-top from countryliving.com. Cut a piece of glass to the same size as the table and slip your photos or postcard memorabilia underneath.


We hope these ideas help to give you some inspiration for decorating your loft on a budget.

To book a FREE estimate contact us on FREEPHONE 0800269765 or fill in a call back form and we will contact you when it’s convenient.

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