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A nursery fit for a prince

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We’ve got royal baby fever here at Econoloft and the arrival of Baby Cambridge on Monday afternoon, as yet unnamed, got us thinking. While Kate and William are not short of rooms, the couples who gave birth to the other 2000 babies on the same day as HRH was born may not be so lucky.

Having a baby can take up a lot of space in your home, so if you’re one of the many couples or young families who struggle to find room to house everyone comfortably, then this post is for you.

Consider converting your old loft into a nursery fit for a prince (or princess of course). After all, why shouldn’t your baby be treated like royalty, at least in your own home? Here’s what you will need to recreate a regal bedroom.


1. Choose a regal colour scheme
Bring your baby up proud to be British with a blue, white and red colour scheme. Rule Britannia!

Keep your baby’s room as bright as possible by painting the walls white and using blue and red to add a pop of colour. We love the bunting across the top of this bunk bed, seen on projectnursery.com – every baby’s birth should be a celebration.


2. Rocking chair
Babies require calm and tranquillity. If your little prince is struggling to sleep, a gentle cuddle in a rocking chair will do the trick.

Housetohome.co.uk recommends investing in a wide-width rocking chair design to offer you extra support during those long sleepless nights. A cushion will add extra comfort for you and a cuddly toy will soothe your little one.


3. The royal cot
You’ll need a cot like no other for your bundle of joy, so why not hang a tented net over the top of your baby’s bed.

Make your baby feel extra special by dressing up the bed, like in this photo from channel4.com. As your baby grows, they will love to use their bed as a special hideaway den. Investing in items that will stand the test of time is a great idea to help you save pennies.


4. Pink for a girl…
There were rumours that the Trafalgar Square fountains would light up pink if the royal baby was a girl and blue for a boy. Make your daughter feel like a princess in a pretty pink coloured room.

All over pink may seem like too much so fade it in gradually with soft pastel pink hues. This girl’s nursery on parenting.com mixes baby pink shades with muted caramel brown to bathe the room in a soft glow.


5. Add some toys
We’re sure that the new prince will not be short of toys to play with. While your baby is young, you can provide entertainment for him by hanging a colourful mobile above his cot.

We found this multi coloured mobile on hgtv.com and fell in love at first sight. You can also buy mobiles that play a soothing melody to help send your little one off to sleep as soon as you put them down. Experiment with different styles to see what works best for your royal highness.

Let Econoloft transform your loft into a nursery fit for a royal baby. Check out our gallery for further room design inspiration and take a look at the praise we’ve received from our happy customers in our client testimonials.

For more information or to book your FREE estimate, contact Econoloft on FREEPHONE 0800269765 or fill in a call back form and we will contact you when it’s convenient.

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The four elements of a master bedroom

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When you hear the words ‘master bedroom’, what springs to mind? Is it luxury? A bed fit for royalty? Or perhaps an en-suite bathroom? It is likely that each person’s view of a master bedroom is different to the next. Despite that, there are four elements that we believe every master bedroom should incorporate.

So today, we’ll be taking a close look at the four elements of a master bedroom. Here they are:

1. Multi-purpose space
In recent years, our perception of a master bedroom has changed somewhat and is now leaning towards it being a self-contained living space, fit for multiple purposes.

Look how spacious this master bedroom is, seen on hgtv.com. It shows that a master bedroom does not have to stop at the bedroom and can also include a living area, or perhaps an en-suite bathroom. And if you decide to transform your loft into a master bedroom, you could easily make it into a loft apartment for you and your partner or for your older teenager.

2. Elegant bed
The master bedroom is supposed to be the largest and most luxurious bedroom of the house, and in keeping with that idea, it seems only fitting that you kit your master bedroom out with an elegant, sumptuous bed.

Check out this beautiful bed seen on houzz.com – with its ornate headboard design and elegant metal frame, this is clearly a bed fit for a queen (or king of course). Add to that the soft, plush looking bed linen and many cosy, plump pillows and you can just tell that you’d get the best night’s sleep ever in this bed.

3. Plenty of storage
Of course, no master bedroom would be complete without sufficient space to store your belongings. However, that does not necessarily mean you have to restrict your storage space to bulky wardrobes.

As soon as we saw this cleverly designed window seat and storage cupboards on Pinterest.com we fell in love. The cushions inject a pop of warmth and colour into the room and give it a romantic, cosy feel, while the floor to ceiling cupboards provide ample storage space – you can even turn the books into a decorative feature.

4. Serenity
You may think that peace and serenity are not qualities that you can physically inject into a master bedroom but in actual fact, you can do just that. By choosing soft colours and getting the lighting in the room right, you can achieve a calm oasis.

Earthy natural shades like the ones seen in this bedroom from goodhousekeeping.com can add a sense of tranquility and are often soothing. By choosing a lamp with soft, yellow lighting, you will add extra warmth to the room. Pick out different hues of the same colour palette for the furniture and you will have a room of serenity.

If you’re planning to convert your unused loft into a master bedroom, why not give us a call. Econoloft has been in the loft conversion industry for 40 years, which gives us a wealth of experience that is necessary to get the job done to outstanding standards.

Take a look through our gallery for examples of previous client projects we’ve completed and have a read through our extensive client testimonial portfolio for proof of why we are the best when it comes to loft conversions.

To book your FREE estimate, contact Econoloft today on FREEPHONE 0800269765 or fill in a call back form and we will contact you when it’s convenient.

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Five Magnificent Master Bedroom Designs

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If you’re in need of a bit of extra, private space, away from the kids, you may want to consider converting your unused loft into a master bedroom. Just think, you’d have a whole extra floor level to yourselves and if you designed it so, you could feel as though you were sleeping under the stars every evening – how’s that for romance?

So to help give you a helping hand inspiration-wise, we’ve found five magnificent master bedroom designs for you to copy. If grandeur, opulence and luxury are missing from your life right now, this could be the solution to your problem.


1. Balcony bedroom
How would you feel if we told you that you could have both the penthouse room as well as an adjoining balcony terrace? Well if the design of your house allows it, you could do just that – having the best of both worlds is possible.

We’d feel as if every day was a holiday with this gorgeous balcony master bedroom seen on houzz.com. In the bedroom, simple furniture and clean white walls allow the stunning balcony view to do all of the talking. And just imagine having your own private dining terrace during the summer – pure bliss, we reckon.


2. Under the sea bedroom
If you’re looking for the ultimate relaxation tool in your bedroom, why not use a creative headboard design to help you achieve the desired effect? The calming influence of water and fish will send anyone into a deep, dreamful sleep.

Freshome.com is jam-packed with creative headboard designs to make your bedroom totally unique. We couldn’t resist this custom-built headboard fish tank.


3. Glamorous and chic bedroom
If upholding a glamorous image is essential in your home, you may be interested in creating a sleek, expensive looking master bedroom.

Everything about this room from lovehome.co.uk screams glamour. From the opulent chandelier ceiling light, to the mirrored bedside tables and the studded headboard frame, the designer has combined a mixture of sleek and masculinity to achieve a bedroom fit for a king.


4. Hotel style bedroom
Have you ever wished your bedroom could look as stylish as a hotel room? Well there is absolutely no reason why you cannot emulate the style of your favourite hotel in your newly converted master bedroom.

Follow the recommendations of channel4.com and choose to make your bed the stand-out feature of the room. Invest in a good quality mattress for your king sized bed (luxury is key here) and sumptuous silk bed linen will take you instantly back to that luxurious hotel room you once stayed in. choose furniture to match the bed and stick to two main colours to bring everything together harmoniously. Dark purples will add a touch more opulence to the effect.


5. Multi-purpose bedroom
If you have sufficient loft space, you may wish to turn your master bedroom in to a liveable space, almost like a loft apartment. This could be ideal for older children who have moved back home after university, giving them much-needed privacy at a rate they can afford.

The first thing that struck us about this beautiful loft bedroom on housetohome.co.uk was just how spacious it is. High ceilings, plenty of natural light and simple, fresh wall shades combine to make this room a knockout. With a huge French style double bed, seating area by a cosy heater, and chest of drawer storage, this room has everything you could need. We love the shuttered ‘window’ display, while the well-placed mirror adds even more space and light to the room.

We’re sure by now that you’re convinced just how amazing a master bedroom you could create, simply by converting your loft.

If you require any more design inspiration, our gallery is full of previous work we’ve completed for our clients, while our extensive client testimonial portfolio details exactly why we’re the best in the conversion industry.

For more information or to book your FREE estimate, contact Econoloft today on FREEPHONE 0800269765 or fill in a call back form and we will contact you when it’s convenient.

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Five ways to instantly refresh an outdated bedroom

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At Econoloft we just love to give you tips and advice about interior design.

Today, we’re looking at bedrooms. If yours still looks the same as it did 10 years ago, it’s probably in need of a makeover.

We know that budgets can be tight, so we’ve come up with five easy ways to instantly refresh an outdated bedroom, without having to spend a fortune.

1. Choose a Unique Wallpaper Design

If you still have the same paint on your walls or wallpaper for over five years, we think it’s time to update your walls, making it a feature for your room.

This gorgeous purple and green butterfly wallpaper, one of our pins on Pinterest, would look great as a feature wall. What we love most is that the butterflies actually look as if they’re fluttering on the wall. This is 3D wallpaper at its best.

2. Swap Curtains for Blinds

Whilst curtains can create warmth and cosiness to a room, if your bedroom is in need of a more modern look, create a sleeker finish with professional and stylish blinds.

The double layering of these Roman blinds makes the window look well-dressed. The matching cushions and other pink accessories help to tie them in with the rest of the room.

3. Choose a Statement Bed for a Smaller Room

If you have a small bedroom, you may not have much room to play around with. So, why not make an impression with an eye-catching statement bed?

The cast iron frame of this bed, seen on housetohome.co.uk really stands out against the pale backdrop of the walls. The wooden chest makes great storage space and provides extra seating room too, and adds a vintage feel.

4. Invest in Luxury Bed Linen

If you haven’t redecorated in a while, there’s a good chance you’ve also got old fashioned bed linen. But you don’t need to change your whole room’s design – you can easily update your bedroom by splashing out on some fancy bed linen with a matching throw. Silks and faux fur can make a bedroom look really special.

This luxurious quilted golden throw adds a touch of glamour and sophistication to the bedroom. The yellow and golden tones are picked out in the headboard and cushions to complement the whole room, which would otherwise be rather simple and bare.

5. Wooden Floors for a Contemporary Look

Does you carpet look all worn out? Has it gathered plenty of stains over the years, which no amount of carpet cleaner will remove? Although this can be a pricey option, installing laminate flooring will instantly refresh your bedroom into a more modern one. If you are concerned about it feeling uncomfortable, add a rug to add a bit of warmth to the room.

The dark mahogany flooring in this bedroom from bhg.com really complements the furniture and makes the room look sleek and polished.

If you’ve always dreamed of having a bedroom that looks exactly like those found in ultra-glossy magazines, now’s your chance!

Making small changes can really overhaul your outdated bedroom.

If you’re in need of an extra bedroom in your house, you could always consider converting your loft.

At Econoloft, we know there’s no such thing as a typical loft conversion, although master bedrooms and en-suites are still the most popular among our clients.

Take a look at some of our previous work and see what inspires you!

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