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Why are Loft Conversions a failsafe way to add value to a property?

  • The cost of a conversion is substantially lower than the added value achieved ( a £20,000 - £30,000 conversion can add over £60,000 to the value of the house)
  • In most cases it is cheaper to add space rather than incur moving costs (some estate agents say it can cost as much as £100,000 to move upwards to achieve another bedroom)
  • Adding extra space will increase a property’s rental value
  • Adding extra space will increase a property’s re-sale value
  • Adding extra space with a loft conversion means your valuable garden remains intact
  • Adding space with a loft conversion is considerably cheaper than an extension
  • Converting your loft is a perfect time to add solar roof panels to save money

As a quality loft conversion can add more value to your property than the initial outlay, it may be worth using the equity in your property to finance a conversion. Estate agents agree that an extra bedroom is the single most valuable feature a family house can have.

Upsizing with a loft conversion 

More space for the children

Significant value added