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Rarely a month goes by without Econoloft being featured in a lifestyle magazine or newspaper article on loft conversions. The press coverage has increased in the last few years, with the downturn in the economy, and topics covered include the financial benefits, what to do with the space and funding a conversion.

If you want to learn more about the great conversions Econoloft can offer then the articles below are well worth reading:-
Facebook Competition
Facebook Competition
 Econoloft help shed a little light

Earlier this year we had a competition on Facebook which resulted in one lucky person winning £1,000 to put towards creating their dream home.

Lauren Pilkington was the name ‘drawn out of the hat’ and she along with her partner Jay and their children are already planning to spend most of the cash improving a loft conversion in their terraced home in Armley, Leeds.

“We have lived here for six years,” said Lauren.  “The house has two bedrooms and had a loft conversion which we turned into two further bedrooms by putting up a partition wall and sliding doors.  However, as the conversion only had one window – our son Mason got the half of the room without any natural light. We plan to use some of the money installing a new skylight to allow some natural light into his room.”

They have promised ten year old Ashleigh that her half of the conversion will be redecorated and she and her mum are already window shopping for anything and everything pink – and One Direction accessories.

“If I have any cash left, I would like new stair carpet and to give the lounge a new look,” said Lauren. “We’ve not really touched that room since we moved in and so it could do with a new look.”

Lauren said this is the first time she has ever won such a fabulous prize.  “I do enter quite a few competitions and have won small things like DVDs and CDs but I had to sit down when I realised I had won such a major prize.

“It’s such a lovely surprise and so unexpected but thanks to Econoloft the cash will allow us to do the home improvements we wanted a lot sooner than we had planned.”
Party Wall Help
PARTY WALL - SCARE TACTICS - A recent newspaper article about so called
party wall surveyors - has prompted a number of queries from concerned
customers.  Let us reassure you, party walls are nothing to worry about and don't need to cost an arm and a leg. We can help you and your neighbours with any paperwork. Inform your neighbours from the outset and build a relationship with them. They might want to have the same work done in the future too. Click here to read our guide.  

An offer you can refuse

Econoloft will help you and your neighbours understand the paper work.
Add value to your home this Home Improvement Month
Add value to your home this Home Improvement Month
April is Home Improvement Month and with property prices in London and the Home Counties so expensive -  improving your home with a professional loft conversion will not only provide more space but is also likely to add more value to your home.

Becke Livesey from national loft conversion company Econoloft said: “In some parts of the country where space is at a premium you could pay up to £100K to upgrade to a bigger house.  No bedroom is worth that amount of money especially when you can extend the home you live in for an average of £25,000.  It’s no wonder that loft conversion remain as popular as ever.”

Econoloft has been established for thirty years and carry out around 300 loft conversions every year.  It says the most popular loft conversion remains an additional bedroom.

“If you’re looking for extra space – you don’t need to go through the expensive and stress of moving home,” adds Becke.  “A loft conversion could provide the ideal solution to your space problem and it remains the best way to add value to your home.”

If you are interested in adding more space to your property visit the national loft conversion experts at or call the freephone number on 0800 269 765.

Econoloft features in Daily Mail property article

Why converting could be the smartest move. A less buoyant housing market is persuading some people to stay put rather than trade up, reports Nigel Lewis.

"A quality loft conversion can add more value to your property than the initial outlay, and converting your loft is simpler than building an extension, which usually needs planning permission and eats up garden space" says Emma Abram, general manager of loft conversion firm Econoloft, which conducted the House Moving survey.

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