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Home Gallery Loft Conversion for Children's Bedrooms

Often our customers develop a loft conversion to use as a bedroom space for their child or children. 

The children can move into the loft from an early age as they out-grow their small box room or the loft conversion can be the result of having to find somewhere for all that  ‘stuff’ they seem to accumulate.  Having everything in a separate part of the house should mean their noise, mess and clutter can be confined to the loft conversion– well that’s the theory! 

We also understand that older teens like living in the loft as they feel quite grown up and independent having that separate space of their own to enjoy.  And if they are happy, the parents are usually happy too.

And as we all know adult children are finding it increasingly difficult to afford to move out of the family home which means more households than ever are multi generational.  This can put a strain on even the strongest and closest families and so what better solution for grown up children than their own separate space in the loft?

As our loft conversion images below clearly demonstrate, having a bedroom in the loft can easily become a stylish kid’s bedroom which will be the envy of all their friends.

Don't just take our word for it. Read below as to what our client has to say.

 "Like many families we were living in a lovely four bedroom house but ended up working just to pay for the mortgage as general living costs increased", Says Lisa. " We had to cut our outgoings so decided to downsize to a home we could comfortably afford and, luckily we found a place just around the corner."

"One of the sides of downsizing is that we had some money in the kitty to spend on the house. This project has transformed our house in to a four bedroom property. After knocking down the wall between the second and third bedroom and stealing a bit of space from the landing, we had enough room to build a staircase up in to the loft. We hired Econoloft which specialises in loft conversions, to do the work, spending around £23,000 on the six week project. Now we've ended up with two good-sized bedrooms at the top of the house for William and Jemima. From outside our house looks a little ordinary but step inside and it's amazing to see the space we have"