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Westbrook is one of the suburbs which were created under the scheme to develop a new town around Warrington in Cheshire beginning in the 1970s.
Thanks to its proximity to the major junction of the M6 and M62 motorways, it quickly became a highly sought-after residential area, and remains so to this day.
But as with many of the UK's new town developments, Westbrook is now home to many second and even some third-generation residents. And while the houses built were considered state-of-the-art at the time they were constructed, the changing nature of families and our expectations now mean that many of the properties in Westbrook could benefit from some modern adaptations to create extra usable space.
And probably the most straightforward way of achieving this is through a loft conversion. So if your home is suitable for a Westbrook loft conversion project, you should call on the experts here at Econoloft to guide you every step of the way.
Schemes for loft conversions in Westbrook come in all shapes and sizes to suit the changing needs of your family, as well as being specifically designed to blend in sympathetically with your surroundings.
You can always be sure that design team at Econoloft will work closely alongside you to create the loft conversion which suits the character of your home, and whose layout is in tune with your exact needs.
A loft conversion in Westbrook could free up currently underused space to create a new bedroom, study or bathroom which will add to the appeal of your home. Or you might want to create a hideaway which can be used for fun activities, such as a TV or games room.
Whichever you consider right for you, the expert Econoloft team will bring their several decades of experience to bear to create the extra living space you need to get more from your home and which will be seen as an asset when you come to sell it.