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Technically known as a “gable up rear dormer” this is a very popular loft conversion in West Wickham and an attractive way of adding extra room to a property. This type of conversion is being used more and more in West Wickham and with over 30 years experience in loft conversions, Econoloft recommends them because:

  • a gable up rear dormer conversion creates versatile rooms by giving extra headroom
  • a gable up rear dormer conversion can add up to 30% extra space
  • a gable up rear dormer conversion gives much needed light as well as space
  • a gable up rear dormer conversion creates a unique roof finish with creative details
  • a gable up rear dormer conversion creates a view over the surrounding area, unlike Skylights
  • a gable up rear dormer conversion has styles to suit traditional(character dormer) and modern homes(flat dormer)
  • a gable up rear dormer extension protects your existing roof floor space by building to the side, rear and/or front.

The owners of detached and semi-detached older properties in West Wickham tend to choose a traditional, character dormer giving them much needed extra room without the cost of moving.

If you live in West Wickham and are thinking of having your loft converted then contact us for a free site survey and a no obligation quote. With over 30 years experience we are happy to offer you our advice. Phone 0800 269 765 and speak to one of our dedicated team or visit our South London showroom and see an actual conversion.

It’s like having a new house….

One of the most popular loft conversions for a semi detached property is a gable up rear dormer and in West Wickham, we used this to create some much needed extra space for a family of four.


The family’s youngest son had got the ‘short straw’ in the bedroom department and had the smallest in the house.  However, the family did not want to move out of the area and decided that the best option for them was a loft conversion.


In three months the family’s lives were transformed.  Mum and dad moved to the fabulous new master suite at the top of the house, their daughter moved to their old bedroom and their son moved into his sister’s old room.  Meanwhile the smallest bedroom became a home office.


The homeowners said:  “Everyone is so much happier, especially our son!  Having a loft conversion is like having a new house – but without all the hassle and cost of moving home.