: Rickmansworth
: Rickmansworth Econoloft Conversions in Rickmansworth
: WD3 3PE

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Investment in ‘wreck’ provides fabulous family home
Teachers Darren and Ann White struggled to find a family home in a good area for some time but eventually found what they describe as a ‘wreck’ in Rickmansworth.
“We recognised that this 3-bed semi would need quite a lot of work – however location was all important and this house was close to good schools and within easy commuting distance of work. We bought it three years ago with a view to spending a lot of money on it.”
Darren and Ann had a master bedroom, 10 year old Lewis had a good sized bedroom but five year old Zach had to put up with the boxroom. “Poor Zach got the short straw but we had planned on a loft conversion from the word go as a local estate agent advised that it would add considerable value to our home,” said Darren.
“I can’t praise Econoloft enough,” said Darren. “They advised us on the design of the conversion and how to make the space work for us. Once we had decided on the the job we wanted it was done quickly and incredibly, Econoloft promised they could do it in three weeks – and they did!”
The family now has a master bedroom with a small ensuite which Darren and Ann use as their retreat; and best of all Zach who moved into his parents old room now has the space to play with friends and his toys. The former box room was used to create the staircase to the new loft conversion.
“Econoloft has saved our sanity,” laughed Darren. “It’s great to have a grown up space away from the boys. The children are much happier too as they can spread themselves out more and we don’t feel as cramped.”