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With a reputation for being the UK’s leading loft converters we are in a perfect position to offer advice on conversions in Fleet and the surrounding areas. Many homeowners have opted for conversions with Velux™ windows which fit with the architecture in both Fleet and much of Hampshire. Modern detached houses with Velux™ windows are popular in this area. Why do we recommend them for our loft conversions and what are the benefits of converting your loft:

  • A loft conversion enables you to add extra space without the expense of moving
  • A Velux™   (roof light) conversion is usually the least expensive and simplest option
  • A loft conversion adds value to your home with an extra bedroom or bathroom
  • Velux™ windows are made by a Danish company and their modern designs and wide range of styles make them the brand leader
  • Velux™ windows greatly increase the amount of light in converted rooms
  • Velux™ windows are maintenance free and will last for years, giving great sound insulation.

When it comes to loft conversion Fleet homes have a great deal of potential, so why not unlock that in your property, and have our experts help you plan and create your ideal extra room, whether it be for work, study or recreation?

We'll advise you throughout the planning process, and help you take advantage of the new, relaxed rules which mean that many Econoloft conversions Fleet residents are planning no longer require formal planning permission. So it can be easier than ever to free up the extra space in your roof for an extra bedroom, additional bathroom, study, games room, or whatever you wish. And we can help you realise those loft-y ambitions.

With a great variety of different shapes and sizes to suit most loft conversions, increased heat insulation, extra light and space, you can see why so many people in Fleet choose to have these extensions. 

If you live in Fleet and are thinking of having your loft converted then contact us for a free site survey and no obligation quote. With over 30 years experience we are happy to offer you our advice. Phone 0800 269 765 and speak to one of our dedicated team or visit our South London showroom and see an actual conversion.