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Chris Charles and his wife Pippa have lived in their semi detached home in Orpington, Kent for ten years.

The tiny box room in the property was becoming far too small for their son Caleb as he began to grow up, and so Chris and Pippa had to consider either a move to a larger property or something less expensive, such as a loft conversion.

Chris said: “We considered moving when we realised that the box room was just not big enough for Caleb. But after talking about it we knew we didn’t want to move away from such a lovely area where all our friends and family are.”

After consulting a number of different loft conversion companies, the family decided to work with Econoloft.

“We chose Econoloft as they’re a reputable company, and the quote they gave us was very reasonable,” said Chris.   “Their office is also local, so we knew if there were any problems we could just go down the road to speak to them.”

In a matter of weeks, The Charles’ loft was transformed into two bedrooms and a bathroom, creating a fantastic amount of space for their son and daughter and also to use when guests come to stay.

Chris added: “It’s incredible how a loft conversion can have such a positive impact on all our lives. The space has given the children a nice play area and also means Pippa and I get some child-free quality time.

“The whole of our upstairs space now feels light and spacious.  It feels very grand and almost like we’re in a holiday home somewhere!

“I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Econoloft, they were very professional, there was minimal disruption and the quality of the work is excellent.”