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The Parkington family Nicola and Peter and their children Joseph (8 years) and Abigail (4 years) love living in their three bedroom semi-detached property in the beautiful conservation area of Romney Marsh in Kent. 

“We’ve lived here for 14 years and consider it a great location but as the children arrived and started growing up we found the house seemed to be getting smaller,” said Nicola.  “We did look at moving but it was only half-heartedly as to move to a bigger property in this area was just not affordable. 

“We discussed an extension but we didn’t want to lose any of or lovely garden and so the obvious and best solution for us was to expand into the roof.”

Most properties do not need planning permission to have a loft conversion providing the conversion and the property meet certain criteria; however the fact the Parkingtons lived in a conservation area could have put paid to their plans before they had even begun.

“Our property is not a listed building or anything but we do live in a conservation area,” said Nicola. “We were fortunate to select Econoloft to carry out the conversion and they demonstrated their expertise from the outset.  They really knew their stuff when it came to the planning process. 

They helped us though the process and thankfully it was relatively simple.”

The entire job including the planning process took around four months.

The main reason for a loft conversion according to Econoloft is to have a master bedroom and ensuite and the Parkingtons were no exception.  “Abigail was growing out of her room and so she moved into our old master bedroom,” said Nicola.

“We moved into the superb new master bedroom with ensuite in the loft conversion.  It’s fabulous and it’s amazing how it has made the whole house feel bigger because we all have an extended personal space. 

“We love showing it off to friends and family and I still can’t believe how spacious the room is compared to how it was before.”
Econoloft which is the only loft conversion company to work across the country say that a loft conversion can add up to 30 percent to a property’s value but the Parkingtons have not had a formal valuation.

“We hope it has added value but to be honest we don’t plan on moving in the near future and so it was never about the money for us,” adds Nicola.  “Our house is our home and thanks to Econolofts loft conversion it will remain our home for many, many years to come.”